Meet Our Doctors

  Dr Rachel A Bostelman OD Napoleon Family Vision & Contact Lens Center

Drs. Bostelman and Bower continue to enhance both the services and materials that Napoleon Family Vision & Contact Lens Center provides for all patients. They recently added a DIGITAL RETINAL PHOTOGRAPH as an baseline component to any initial comprehensive eye exam, and it will continued to be offered to monitor stable eye health and disease progression.

In addition, our practice maintains a large optical dispensary, with an experienced staff to assist you with comfortable and stylish eyewear needs.

We are a leader in the use of new contact lens designs. We enjoy fitting bifocal contacts and also contacts for patients who have astigmatism. From our large stock of contacts, we are often able to do same-day dispensing and new trial fits.

If you have an emergency need for treatment of an eye infection, injury, foreign body removal or other eye health examination, our doctors can assist you with your needs. Drs. Limbird and Bostelman are licensed to use all eye diagnostic and therapeutic medications and are available 24/7 for your emergency eye needs.

With regard to laser surgery for near and farsightedness, our office is the leader in this area for the management of your refractive surgery. We work with only the best and most experienced surgeons to provide freedom from your glasses or contacts.