We are proud to offer EnChroma lenses, a revolutionary solution for individuals with color vision deficiency (color blindness). EnChroma lenses are specially designed to enhance color perception and improve the overall visual experience for those with red-green color blindness, the most common type of color blindness.

EnChroma lenses work by selectively filtering certain wavelengths of light to enhance the separation between red and green colors, which are often difficult for those with color blindness to distinguish. This technology allows wearers to perceive a wider range of colors and experience the world like never before.

The benefits of EnChroma lenses extend beyond just seeing colors more vividly. Many wearers report improved clarity and contrast in their vision, leading to enhanced visual acuity and a greater appreciation of their surroundings. EnChroma lenses can also make everyday tasks, such as selecting ripe fruits, matching clothing, and enjoying nature, more enjoyable and accessible.

We believe in providing cutting-edge solutions that improve our patients' quality of life. With EnChroma lenses, we empower those with color vision deficiency to experience the world in full color!

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